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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 8, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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finally for you here is one cool cat, this kitty deejay. >> and he even goes round and round with the sound. we will see you right back here
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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. three teenangers under arrest. after police in the east bay say they were making homemade bombs. and detonating them. good evening. no one was hurt in the intial explosion that destroyed just a mail box in but as you just heard. police say things could have been far worse. as kron-4's aleica reid tells us. the bomb squad had to be called in when officers caught up to the juveniles. (shots) >> that was the walnut creek bomb squad detonating a bomb early saturday morning. rendering the device after finding it in a car trunk at sot - we got a call of an explosion on christine court destroyed by an explosive device. this is the mailbox police are talking about--- now shredded to pieces. it all started when neighbors heard a huge blast on this normally quiet block
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>> i knew it was something serious, not just fireworks. it was an explosion because of the shaking and everything, but i told the kids get on the ground and then i called 911. >> the roar of the pipe bomb explosion left residents numb. >> my right ear was towards the window and it deafened it for a while, then after about an hour the ringing started. >> witnesses saw a red s-u-v flee the area after the eruption. police found the vehicle at college park high not too long after. the second bomb was in the trunk, and 3 teens were >> this was a significant pipe bomb, so all the damage you'd expect, the mailbox was completely destroyed and anyone near it would've certainly been injured. >> the corporal says those bombs were so strong, they could've killed someone if they were standing close enough. and although the 2nd one was found here at the school, they don't believe the school was a target --- only a meeting place. in pleasant hill alecia reid kron 4 news.
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>> developing news out of oakland. where one person has been killed in a shooting near jack london square and just blocks away from the police department. it happened late this afternoon on the 400-block of third street. police say the victim was pronounced dead on the scene. the shooter is still on the loose. he was described as an adult male and was last seen driving away in a vehicle. no other details have been released. >> also developing tonight. a standoff at a jack-in-the- box in sacramento has come to an end. sacramento police say a man with a gun tried to rob the restaurant earlier this afternoon. and barricaded himself inside with two female hostages. one woman was released and able to walk out on her own. another woman ran free when swat teams opened fire and detonated concussion grenades. the gunman was shot. his condition has not been released. >> and this new video just in to the kron-4 newsroom from concord. where a hazmat team was called out to a foodmax grocery store after 20 people were sickened. a fire chief said some one
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sprayed pepper spray in some of the ailes in the store on monument boulevard at about five tonight. that caused everyone walking in the area to become ill. hazmat team members checked for any other dangerous chemicals. and didn't find any. police do not yet have anyone in custody for the incident. >> students at uc berkeley are tried to get in a salvation army bell ringers they say they're homophobic they say they are homeless,, phillipe djegal has more. >> if the use the government has there where you will never see salvation army bell ringers like this on campus ever again. >> i think it has gone too far. i would disagree with the >> . if they have they have their beliefs perhaps they're discriminating against the beliefs of very
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celebration army. >> they passed a >> there are certainly mixed relations on mess. >> i feel like there are relations-zionist aggression should be on bigger people. if something is this golden state division of the salvation army saying that it is totally false that the only requirement for service from the salvation army is a demonstrated need. >> i would disagree with
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discrimination in any form especially based on one's gender. >> our messages from uc- berkeley were not returned and they have not been contacted. it is also saying that deaf bell ringers. have not been on cap -- the salvation army bell ringers have not been on the campus and at least five years. phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> sean moffett died of head trauma on october 30th of the just two days after he was hurt during street celebrations in the haight ashbury neighborhood after the san francisco giants victory. they are checking out the surveillance video of what happened. >> hanukkah, and christmas, traffic, and jeff bush is at union square.
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>> the traffic is still pretty crazy. thousands of people are here to get their holiday show fun. anybody who drove down had to bring some patients because it has been slow all day. >> the drive down this street was a slow day, and it took several cycles just to move one block of the traffic light signals. a merger of pedestrians, drivers in total gridlock was often the case for them 1 mi. of this square. if (car horsn >> many people were caught off guard with the overwhelming amount of pedestrians, drivers there were out and about direct and when the lights turn to you can see that the intersections were filled with at least 100 people every time the light to turn to scre. after green and
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eventually, people got to where there were going and they joined in with the annual tradition of holiday shopping in the city. you can see there are still people coming and. finishing up san francisco shopping jeff bush, kron 4 news. >> this is the eighth day of the jewish day of hanukkah. with the lighting of a 25 ft. mahogany menorah in the union square the 37th tradition. there'll be a festivaland others the weather outside is certainly not frightful in this more dry weather that storm that was moving from last week. this is our view from our roof cam and brian?
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>> vicki, it is looking great. today a little bit on the cool side with fog and high clouds in the afternoon temperatures struggling to warm up in the 50s few rafeal 55 degrees in san rafael, richmond and the warm place was santa rosa. these temperatures will be coming back with this live in view of the bay bridge and a lot of traffic for tonight. just some high clouds for this evening and patchy fog developing into the north bay valleys for the morning hours. it could a limit to visibility but not as much for tonight as we had last night for tomorrow, mostly sunny skies and sunshine to the day. temperatures really nice we are going to warm things up. san francisco, 63 degrees. concord, oakland possibly upper 60s towards
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san jose, santa rosa. these numbers of four, five degrees. there is some rain in the forecast coming up. if the with the clear skies for this weekend to many people got out of the house. mike pelton has more >> avocados, grapes, onions, avocados, onions. >> it is all about the food. >> everything is fresh and in the season. he joined hundreds of the farmers' market courthous >> the lady has the most beautiful greens in the universe. >> this is for every saturday at for the first time in weeks to open under clear skies. >> last week where were drenched. primitive is certainly an improvement from the last couple of saturdays. >> certainly, at least a 5 owner% improvement. >> many people of that. because of a pack their
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carts with food and even had a friendly debate. >> and avocados. >> it is all about the vegetables and fruit? >> it will wait a minute is this a fruit or a vegetable? >> we will move on. for those choosing to sit spend their saturday, >> christmas shopping, unfortunately. >> why unfortunately? >> i hate shopping. >> and the people that are focusing the right type of food for this time of year. >> we of the regular list just about every weekend and check if it twice. >> mike pelton, kron 4. >> this n f l player is dead and his teammate in custody after he suspected drunk driving in dallas. and more video from the nfl tragedy and this radio prank that
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> you are looking at surveillance video of a bandit that has been hitting a home in livermore repeatedly the resident hopes you can help livermore police idenitfy this brazen in the middle of the night thief he >> cigarette packs on the front yard some garden tools that were in thr front yard one time he went in the back and a bb gun was stolen sara believes this guy has struck more than a half a dozen times all since october which makes her home sweet home not so sweet >> basically this is
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exactly then the guy enters and we put it up on our tv screen trying to identify the guy >> sara didn't use some run of the mill high priced survillance camera to catch a thief >> we got a little sneaky and crafty and actually put it >> so what exaclty did she put >> i put up my gopro in the window and tried to catch this guy the next time he came yes a simple go pro camers not so hidden inside a box of chocolate cake mix box that has a recipe for hidden treasure cupcakes but no instructions about putting a hidden go pro however no sooner than after camers stacked on two packs of newport cigerettes the >> before the crude camera ideal was created sara put up a motion sensor light.that didn't work (cow bell) she put a cow bell on the gate so she could hear any movement and that didn't stop him so she is hoping that this video will so take a look at this guy one more time and see if you know who he if you do contact livermore police i just want him to stop i don't want him here if ansy one can identify him maybe enve scare him talke to him i just don't want anybody
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watching my property it"s just scary in livermore stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m >> coming up. good news for bay area drivers. as the price of gas continues to fall. plus a break through in egypt. as the country's president agrees to scale back some of his power. and volunteers in the south bay make sure needy kids volunteers in the south bay spend the day building thousands of bicycles for kids. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets,
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bicycles were being built in san jose saturday morning by turning wheels an organzation that gives them to children that would probably never have the opportunity to have a shiny new bicycle on christmas day. >> you can't get a better gift than a bike and you ride it everyday, you ride it to school, you ride it for fun. >> turning wheels has been building new bicycles for eight years and this year more then three thousand bicycles were assembled by more than a thousand volunteers who took joy in their tasks >> every kid deserves a bike and a good christmas so it's fun. >> it was the best present i ever had so i know how good >> i enjoy seeing the kids get bikes so it's a good feeling. >> turning wheels has had no difficulty finding bicycle builders. >> we opened registration and within four minutes we closed registration we have a thousand builders. >> corporate sponsers and local fire departments had to compete for a spot for a team to assemble the >> we tried to get a team for the last two years but as you can see they have an abundance of teams and we actually got denied a couple of years but we finally got
8:32 pm
in and we're having a good time doing it. once people come they come year after year after year. >> the pictures that i saw from last year of the kids getting there bikes it really made me want to come amountthe bicycles are distributed to local charities who make sure that deserving children receive a bicycle this christmas. some lucky children got to assemble their own bicycle. >> we actually teach them how to put together a bike which is a lot of fun for them. >> for director sue runsvold it is all about the season. >> i kind of well up on this day, it's a good day and it's about all of us. it's not about one face or one name it's about all of us. >> over the last eight years turning wheels has given out more than eighteen thousand bicycles. in san jose jeff pierce kron four news. san jose police hav >> san jose police have
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arrested a woman arrested arrested a woman suspected in a fatal gang- motivated shooting which killed a 17 - year old boy. rebecca villa-nueva is in custody. police say, daniel capetillo was gunned down, on november 30th. detectives believe villanueva did not act alone in the shooting. and are still looking for more suspects. >> a santa cruz man is accused of stealing a half millions dollars from company investors. prosecutors say robert rinehart stole the deposits from those who invested in his company and used the money to pay for personal expenses. rinehart was indicted on eight counts of wire fraud. he made his first appearance in court on thursday and was released on a 50-thousand dollar bond. rinehart is scheduled to appear in court again next month. each count of wire fraud carries a potential sentence of up to 20 years in prison. >> two locations failed an alcohol compliancy check carried out in the north bay. police sent in a 17 year old to 20 establishments in benicia to buy alcohol. 18 of the locations asked to see i-d and refused to serve him alcohol. while 2 locations failed to to ask the teen for proper identification. that happened at little thai bistro and buon
8:34 pm
apetito. both were issued- citations. >> >> there is going to be a new shade of white with lane closures required for the next six months. between 10:00 p.m.-5:00 a.m. the east span is scheduled to open september, next year. finally, some bridge toll plaza is going to be getting a facelift. the toll plaza is going to be turned the same shade of white as the bridge's new eastern span. it's a 6-point-5 million dollar project, and it will require some lane closures over the next six months. however, those closures will only take place between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. scheduled to open infinally some good news for average of 30 cents around take a look at the numbers. here in san francisco, a gallon of regular is 3-72
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that's down from 4-05 a that's down from last month's price of 3 dollars and 90 cents. >> relatively mild temperatures in san francisco. 50s partly cloudy skies tomorrow, some sunshine and perhaps some dense valley fog. the north bay valleys but it does not look like it will be as bad as this morning. sunshine for most of the bay with mild temperatures. sunday morning, we had some snow indicated by the purple and 40's by the bay. as we go for late morning, more fog tomorrow and what we had to
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dip but even 70's tomorrow. in the north bay, and even for next week monday, tuesday. look for a weather system on wednesday that will bring in some rainfall. but it could be a cold system with showers lasting wednesday, thursday. >> anger is growing following the suicide of a nurse who took a prank phone call at the hospital that was treating catherine the duchess of cambridge. return to index of stories... this is a picture of jacintha saldanha who was found dead of apparent suicide on friday. it happenend after two radio d-j's from australia prank called the hospital and spoke to saldanha about kate middleton's condition. for the very latest we go and the roads. >> anti-rosand the reporter andy rose...
8:37 pm
>> a change at the australian radio station whose djs prank called the hospital treating prince william's pregnant wife for acute ceo rhys holleran says 2-day f-m djs mel greig and michael christian have apologized and mutually decided to go off the air for an undetermined period after they learned of the suicide of nurse jacintha saldahna. she was one of the staffers who took the phone call. >> "southern cross auestor are deeply sadden by the tragic news of the death of nurse jacintha saldanha from the king edward vii hospital and we extend our deepest sympathies to her family and all that has been affected by the situation around the world." >> on friday saldahna's body was found not far from king edward the seventh hospital where she worked. the this to say about her. >> "jacintha was a first class nurse who cared diligently for hundreds of patients joined her time with us." >> the radio hosts called the london hospital tuesday and pretended to be queen elizabeth and prince charles in order to gain information on catherine the duchess of cambridge's condition after she was admitted. in the aftermath of the suicide - the radio station's website has been flooded with comments.
8:38 pm
there has also been anger posted online - including this facebook group calling for the station to be taken off the air. holleran was even asked if the djs should be investigated by police. >> "i'm not going to get into detail on what our procedures are i can tell you we're satisfied that we haven't broken any laws." >> australia's media regulation body says they are also in discussions with the radio station over the matter. >> i'm andy rose reporting. >> it is a victory for egypt's opposition. the country's president is canceling a decree which widely expanded his authority. the move comes after president mohamed morsy's meeting with some members of the opposition earlier today. protesters have been demanding he give up his new powers and they at times carried out deadly violent demonstrations. they also want the government to postpone a referendum vote on a controversial new constitution. but a panel of officials decided to go forth with the planned vote. >> today thousands in gaza rallied to mark the 25th anniversary of the founding of hamas. palestinians celebrated the
8:39 pm
date with fanfare, speeches and a giant prop resembling the kind of rockets fired into israel. the long-exiled political leader of hamas addressed a crowd of tens of thousands of supporters in gaza. anti-apartheid icon nelson mandela has been admitted to a hospital in south africa. but president jacob zuma says mandela is only undergoing tests -- and that there is no cause for alarm. in a statement, zuma said the former south african president is doing well and being cared for. zuma says the 94-year-old mandela does receive medical treatment which happens quote "from time to time" that officials say is consistent with mandela's age. >> former prime minister silvio berlusconi says he will run again to be his country's leader. the billionaire resigned as prime minister last year, after dominating italian politics for 18 years. berlusconi says he has been quote "besieged" by requests to resume a leadership role in politics. but the 76-year-old still has some legal issues to deal with. in october, a milan court sentenced berlusconi to four years in prison for tax evasion.
8:40 pm
he faces trial on charges that he hired an underage prostitute and then tried to use his political connections to get her out of jail when she was accused of theft. >> still ahead. three stockton women demanding an apology. after finding an offensive remark on their dinner check. >> and the creepy crawly discovery in books at a library in washington state.
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>> three friends out to eat at the cameo club casino in stockton were shocked when they got their bill. and saw the word "fat girls". written on the recipt. immediately the women brought the check up to a manager. the manager tried to remedy the situation by offering them 50 percent off. but they say that isn't enough. >> i still cannot believe it, it was just over and
8:43 pm
over again. that is something that we cannot change. >> the man responsible for the words winding up on the check. was already off work by the time the womennow he is suspended while the casino reviews the incident. >> conventional wisdom says that bed bugs are found in beds. not books. as is the case in washington state. librarians at the university of washington were shocked to find that several of their library books were infested with the bugs. experts say that there has been a rise in bed bug cases across the country in recent years. >> we spoke with professionals that are treating and what we see in the u.s. is what date are calling professional are calling at least four times more professional >> if you should be aware,
8:44 pm
make sure that there are no bites on your children. >> officials collected 45 books out of the library's collection of over seven million. and froze them effectively killing the bugs. the school then brought in bed bug sniffing dogs to make sure that all their facilities were clear. >> a farmer in deer park washington spent an hour and a half turning his 200 acre field into a wedding proposal for his longtime girlfriend. it was only after loren lentz had finished working on the "j" in her name that his ten-year-old daughter told him it was backwards. but it didn't matter. lentz asked his girlfriend jody schaefer to help look for his missing service vehicle while the two went up in a friend's plane. when they were in the air she saw it and he popped thethe couple plans to get married next month even though her name is jody not lody. >> what's now showing it theaters this weekend. in theaters this weekend, >> the holidays are a approaching and some of the best gadgets.
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>> today we had a lot of calls and temperatures on the cooler in sight. 50s. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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( gabe slate tech report >> gadgets make great holiday gifts. right now, samsung has some really popular devices. there are catching on giving apple a run for their money. this little bloom with the galaxy why fight camera a unique device. some of these great items from samsung. the new -- wi - fi.. galaxy camera is a game changer. it is entirely new point and shoot and and three tablet. it can
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do anything a smart phones can do except make phone calls. wifi, or a low cost at&t plans. if you want to make calls? the galaxy phone tablet is interesting. it is a tablet phone. and it is fit 5.5 in.. it is in between a phone and a tablet. greed for video, anything media of somebody that works a lot on their phone, e-mail, with a stylus. and the touch screen fan with a detail and i like this feature you can even handwrite with the stylus. it will transfer to digital text. the galaxy s three is the other hot phone and it is currently the no. 1 yes iphone 5 competitor. it is a slick, fast and really light. if you're going to go for android this is the one a seven-inch or 10 in. tablet. with samsung, these android tablets are a great alternative to the ipad. if you would like to get a closer look you can.
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samsung has a pop up store. the samsung studio on a level 3 and the westfield center in san francisco. just outside of bloomingdale's. and you can get your hands on these products. gabe slate tech report >> we have a beautiful and day out there and a gorgeous night tonight for shopping and enjoying the city. 50s. 54 degrees oakland, jacqueline and squar52 jack lonn square. --. and 45 degrees. the inland valleys will also
8:50 pm
see 30's for tonight. for on the flip side, for tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. 63 degrees but a few degrees warmer than what we had it today. 66 in some places in the santa rosa could even get closer to the 70 degrees. sunday looks really nice. it is the best day for the next five or six days. a great day for the football tomorrow 49ers. 60s with mostly sunny skies. it could be breezy. even this afternoon, though high clouds are part of a weather system that as well to the north. from the pacific northwest, washington, oregon and there is the snowfall. it is well to the north. temperatures for
8:51 pm
tomorrow will be the coolest in the north bay. also for the east bay 40's with mid upper 40's by the bay. by this time tomorrow kimberly nice. sunshine, 67 degrees it-really nice. fremont, mid-60s. and concord, danville, 66. 60s year the bay. i think everybody is in the 60s tomorrow. vallejo, 64. your kron 4 7 day around the bay dry and mild persists on monday and tuesday. things will change but a system on wednesday that will premiere rainfall and those showers continue. the big story with this system will be cooler
8:52 pm
temperatures. and even some cooling by this weekend. the
8:53 pm
in theaters this weekend, bill murray shows a different side of one of our most famous presidents, and eric bana in a casino heist gone wrong. nick valencia has a preview of the new releases in this week's now showing. the warriors are on the road looking to continue their hot streak. coming up. highlights of
8:54 pm
their game tonight against the washington wizards.
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8:56 pm
>> after winning the first two games of their seven game road trip. the warriors with the worst record in the n-b-a. david lee scored 24 points and snagged 17 rebounds to lead the golden state warriors over the washington wizards 101-to-97. klay thompson added 23 points and stephen curry scored 22 to keep his record of seven straight games with 20 points or more going. the warriors are thirteen and seven on the season and are currently sitting in fifth place in the western conference. next up the warriors head to charlotte on monday to take on the bobcats. >> heavy snowfall has blanketed much of europe the snow has already caused a few headaches. flights have been canceled and delayed in cities such as paris and amsterdam. last weekend, heavy snow in russia shut down a major highway leaving drivers stranded. europe has more snow in the forecast. i was just in washington d.c. it was blue skies. and
8:57 pm
a sunny skies. >> it is still december. >> and time flies when you're having fun. >> it is going to be gorgeous with temperatures in the 60s. 63 degrees in san francisco, san jose. fremont. mid-60s, concord. and we do have some rainfall on the way but we will wait a little bit with light rain. with much cooler expected. >> perfect for the season. >> correct. >> that is it for us will see you at 11 (music)
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